Family Violence Child
Protection Partnership

Wayss auspices a family violence specialist worker based within child protection investigation team.

The role seeks to strengthen and improve responses to families who are experiencing family violence and subject to a child protection investigation. The partnership looks:

  • To improve the capacity, confidence and understanding of child protection regarding family violence responses and the service system
  • To build the local family violence service system’s understanding and collaboration with child protection

Aims of the Partnership

The aims of the partnership are:

  • Support and promote improved understanding of the perpetrator’s pattern of coercive control. Also, its impact on children and the ability of the protective parent to safely parent
  • Restore and enhance safe, child-centred parenting
  • Use this knowledge to assist Child Protection to achieve the following improved outcomes for the service system and for the families reported to Child Protection

To improve assessment, planning and intervention in child protection investigations where family violence is, or is suspected to be, present, in order to:

  • Increase safety and stability for families
  • Reduce the risk of harm to children
  • Safely reduce the incidence of re-reports to Child Protection and the number of children placed in out-of-home care
  • Strengthen the engagement of victims and perpetrators with support service

Contribute to improved engagement with perpetrators to facilitate changes in perpetrator behaviour and improved child-centred parenting capacity

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Wayss has been a committed, active partner of the Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership since the first wave of the family violence reforms in 2006. Since 2009, Wayss has been auspicing the Principle Strategic Advisor (family violence systems).

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