Family Violence & Housing Support for South East Melbourne

Victoria Police family violence reports referred to Wayss (Jan to Dec 2020)
Family Violence Victim Survivors accessing Wayss support services (Feb to Dec 2020)
Clients presenting for immediate housing support (April to Dec 2020)

What we do

Housing Support Services

Wayss is the first point of contact for people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness in Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia. We provide the necessary support to assist you obtain and retain housing, without entering the homelessness services system.

Family Violence Support Services

If you are experiencing violence in your home, if you feel threatened, or if you are at risk of physical, financial or emotional abuse Wayss specialist family violence workers can offer you support. They can talk to you about your options and help support you and your family to access the services you need.

At Wayss, we are united by a fundamental belief that safe, secure and affordable housing is a human right. We exist to support people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and people who have experienced family violence, to access safe, secure and affordable housing.

Wayss call on all levels of government to work with property investors and the broader business and community services sector to work strategically and immediately to increase investment in affordable and diverse housing options which will increase rental property supply and affordability.

Our Purpose

Wayss exists so people can live a life free from family violence and have access to safe, sustainable and affordable housing.

Our Vision

For Wayss to be the major provider of social housing services and leading edge client support programs in the Southern Melbourne Metropolitan region.

Our Core Values

In working with our clients, our stakeholders and each other we will always demonstrate our core values of respect, compassion and kindness

Our Roles

Crisis response

To keep people who have experienced family violence and people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, safe in immediate crisis.

Access to housing

To provide access to short, medium term and permanent tenure housing and advocate for improved social housing options.

Client self-determination

To deliver client service supports that enable self-determination and self-sufficiency.

Help End Homelessness & Family Violence – your donation will assist those we support to find independence, hope and a way out of their situation. 


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Stay in touch

Receive occasional updates about news, campaigns and projects related to how how you can help us provide assistance, advice and housing for people in Melbourne affected by homelessness & family violence.

Wayss in the 1990s

Then in September 1997 the organisation became WAYSS Limited with a Board of Directors and day to day management by the Chief Executive Officer.

Wayss underwent further transformation with the restructure of community housing and the funding of the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program. The Regional Housing Council ceased operation and transferred direct service operations to Wayss in 1997.

During this decade Wayss became responsible for the then South East Women’s Domestic Violence Outreach Service. Funding was also received to establish a Children’s Services Worker within the outreach service. SAAP funded Women’s Outreach Program was also transferred to Wayss in 1999.