Family Violence Support Services

If you are experiencing violence in your home, if you feel threatened, or if you are at risk of physical, financial or emotional abuse Wayss specialist family violence workers can offer you support. They can talk to you about your options and help support you and your family to access the services you need.

Wayss can assist with access to different services and support individual needs. Ensuring safety is our priority.

Whether referred from Victoria Police (L17), Safe Steps, Orange Door, or by direct contact, our specialist family violence workers will:

  • Talk about your individual experiences
  • Assess level of risk and assist with safety planning
  • Offer information and options for support

If support is required, Wayss will do a comprehensive risk assessment and provide support to help make informed decisions.

Wayss Family Violence specialists can assist with:

  • Access to crisis accommodation
  • Information on future housing options
  • Information and support
  • Safety planning
  • Advocacy
  • Referral to services, including counselling, housing, material aid, health, legal and court support

After hours face to face
crisis support

Face-to-face support for women and their children experiencing family violence who are in crisis.

Police & Court Support

Wayss works closely with the Victoria Police and Dandenong Family Court of Australia to support victim survivors of family violence, including L17 Response and Family Advocacy & Support Services (FASS)

Family Violence Refuge

A safe and secure place where women and their children escaping family violence are provided support and accommodation for up to six weeks​

Family Advocacy and Support Services (FASS)

Provides access to legal information and advocacy for women and their children experiencing family violence.

Youth Services

Support services for young people aged 16 to 25 years, including transitional housing support and access to crisis accommodation options.

Specialist Family Violence Program

Support & case management for women & their children experiencing family violence, including safety planning and assistance to address risks.

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Family violence specialists provide support and case management to women and their children and youths experiencing family violence.