Our Executive Team

New CEO appointment

The Wayss Board has appointed Wayne Merritt as the new CEO of Wayss.

Wayne is an experienced values-based leader with over 20 years’ experience in the community services sector. Currently General Manager – Homelessness and Family Services at Melbourne City Mission, he will bring to Wayss a broad experience in leadership and people management, policy and governance, strategic and financial planning and service development and integration.

Wayne will join Wayss at the end of March. Bryan Madden will be the acting CEO during the short intervening period until Wayne starts in his role.

Bryan Madden

Acting CEO and General Manager, Corporate Services

Bryan is an experienced business professional who has a real desire to contribute to his community. After 30 years’ experience in financial markets covering a range of investment asset classes, Bryan decided it was time for a career and lifestyle change which would enable him to achieve his aim of contributing to the community. Having childhood connections with Dandenong, which included playing football for Dandenong in the VFA in the late 1970s and early 1980’s, Bryan found an ideal role with Wayss who he joined in 2017.

Bryan has worked in senior management roles in stockbroking and funds management, including the roles as Managing Director of both an Australian and a US-owned, full-service securities firms. He was also the Managing Director and one of the founders of Australia’s first absolute return fixed income fund manager.

Bryan holds Bachelor of Economics, a Masters of Business Administration and is a Chartered Accountant.

Robyn Roberts

General Manager, Client Services

Robyn has brought a people-focused, entrepreneurial spirit to a range of executive leadership positions in the community services sector and she has also led community and private sector partnerships to deliver ground breaking initiatives in microfinance and family violence prevention.  In 2015, Robyn partnered with private company Protective Group to design and implement a ground breaking national family violence program, that continues to achieve significant outcomes today.  Robyn’s driving motivation is to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people and her work at Wayss provides her with that opportunity as she leads key changes to disrupt people’s experience of homelessness and family violence.

Robyn holds teaching and social work qualifications and has undertaken executive-level studies at Melbourne Business School.  She has also held director and committee roles on several Boards in the community services sector