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We believe it’s important to give voice to issues of Family Violence and Homelessness. Through the experiences of victims and survivors, we learn how to improve our response and work towards a better Australia.

Wayss response to superannuation access for family violence survivors

As shared yesterday in The Age, “A new compassionate ground for early access to super would allow domestic violence victims to apply for up to $10,000 of their super to be withdrawn.”

Wayss understands that this is part of a federal government initiative to help women that is being rolled out ahead of the federal budget.

While any increase to support for survivors of family violence is always welcomed, it is disappointing to see women are still being negatively impacted by their experiences.

“According to Women in Super, women already have an average of 47% less super at retirement than their male counterparts,” says Wayss CEO Liz Thomas. Why then, should women have to raid their super in order to rebuild their lives? They are not the ones to blame for their circumstances but yet again they are the ones who take the financial hit as a result of the actions of others.”

“If a perpetrator forces a woman to leave her home and start over with limited money, that woman should not have to buy her safety by acccesing her super.”

The Royal Commission into Family Violence made the recommendation in 2015 that perpetrators are made more accountable for their actions and behaviour. “Perhaps, as part of their accountability, the perpetrators should be the ones handing over their super,” says Liz. “That possibility may just make them reconsider their behaviour.”


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