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The Voice to Parliament

wayss robustly supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart and a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to the Australian Parliament.

wayss acknowledges our responsibility to truly hear and learn from indigenous Australians and to embrace their just and fair aspirations.

The Voice is a compelling opportunity for First Nations peoples to have a say in decisions that affect them, their children, families and their communities. 

It is an unmissable opportunity on the road to reconciliation.

We see the Uluru Statement from the Heart as a beautiful expression of the collective voice of First Nations peoples, a human invitation for truth-telling, treaty-making and constitutional reform.

The gap between outcomes for indigenous Australians and the rest of the community across the entire range of measures is unacceptable in one of the world’s most prosperous nations.

We see the disadvantage, the discrimination, the lack of equality of opportunity.

The Voice is about equality of opportunity. It is a crucial part – but only a part – of the effort Australia needs to make if we are truly to meet our aspiration to be a land of fairness, a place where equality of opportunity is our preeminent ethic, our unwavering guide.

wayss supports the call to establish a voice to Parliament as a necessary step towards justice, reconciliation and healing.

‘Crunch point’ for Casey as rental prices jump 7%

Star News Berwick – 5.10.22

Prisoner at home

Star News Dandenong – 4.10.22

Make a difference today

Star News (Pakenham Gazette) – 28.7.22

White Ribbon awards announced

Mirage News – 21.6.22

White Ribbon event 2022

Mirage News – 7.7.22

Fears on Scott Street

Dandenong Star Journal – 21.6.22

Why Viv’s Place was needed for Dandenong

Star News – 27.5.22

Families in hotel housing ‘crisis’

Star News

High tech abusers disrupted

Star News - 08.12.21

Our housing crisis

Star News - 05/08/21

Orange Door Opens in Dandenong

Mirage News - 03.03.21

Victorian Government puts $20 million towards 'new way' of reducing family violence during coronavirus crisis

ABC News - 19.08.20


Lisa says she suffered financially for years. Now she's teaching her kids to be money savvy

ABC News - 11.05.19

Cath Evans

New chair to lead next Wayss phase

Pakenham Gazette - 14.12.20


Older Women, the Hidden Faces of Homelessness

Fusion Magazine, page 48 - March 2020.

Wayss answers housing crisis

Star Journal - 25.10.19

Unhappy Campers

Star Journal - 12.10.20

Dandenong Leader – February 11th 2020.

Elizabeth Thomas, chief executive of homelessness and crisis support group Wayss, said the organisation assisted more than 15,000 people in Melbourne’s south east in the past year.

“A significant number of those people came to our Dandenong office looking for affordable housing,” Ms Thomas said.

“Homelessness is no longer hidden – it is something that is front of mind for the community,” she said.

She said Greater Dandenong desperately needed a greater range of affordable housing and accommodation options.

“It’s about moving beyond rooming houses to permanent accommodation that helps people rebuild meaningful, sustainable lives,” she said.

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Wayss in the 1990s

Then in September 1997 the organisation became WAYSS Limited with a Board of Directors and day to day management by the Chief Executive Officer.

Wayss underwent further transformation with the restructure of community housing and the funding of the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program. The Regional Housing Council ceased operation and transferred direct service operations to Wayss in 1997.

During this decade Wayss became responsible for the then South East Women’s Domestic Violence Outreach Service. Funding was also received to establish a Children’s Services Worker within the outreach service. SAAP funded Women’s Outreach Program was also transferred to Wayss in 1999.