Tenancy Transfer Policy

KEY POLICY AREA: Property Management

POLICY: Tenancy Transfer

APPROVED DATE: 11th June 2019



STANDARDS, PROTOCOLS AND POLICY LINKAGE: Performance Standards for Registered Housing Agencies Property Services Policy



Wayss tenants can request to transfer from their property to another Wayss managed property. Requests for transfers will be assessed fairly and consistently. Allocations of properties resulting from a transfer will be consistent with current program policy unless a specific exemption has been granted.

Transfers will occur within the support agency’s nominated stock, unless otherwise agreed between relevant support agencies. Wayss will be flexible in its assessments of transfer applications, considering the individual needs of the tenant/s. Wayss will maintain a Transfer Wait List for non-urgent transfer applications.



Wayss tenants have the right to request a property transfer. Tenants have the right to expect that Wayss will assess all requests fairly and consistently.



Wayss tenants may request a transfer for the following reasons.

  • Safety Concerns – for example, family violence, anti-social behaviour by neighbours, threats to safety in a rooming house or the potential for an ex-prisoner to re-offend due to the location of the property.
  • Unsuitable Housing – for example, the need for major disability modifications, ground floor access only required, housing too small for the family size.
  • Uninhabitable Housing – due to fire, flood, vandalism or similar.
  • Family Reunification – for tenants who need a larger property due to a Children’s Court order.
  • Property redevelopment – for example, a property upgrade.
  • The tenant obtains an education, employment or training opportunity which their current location prohibits them from attending.
  • The need for the property to be handed back to Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).



To be eligible for a transfer the tenant must:

  • Not be in rent arrears.
  • Not have outstanding tenant related damage.
  • Not have any neighbour complaints made against them.
  • Have maintained their current property in a reasonable condition.

Wayss may waive any or all of the above criteria under special circumstances, which include but are not limited to:

  • Safety concerns.
  • The current property is uninhabitable.
  • Urgent requirement for disability modifications.



This policy will be reviewed in line with legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, Office of Housing guidelines or as part of Wayss Policy review schedule.