Wayss is a Child Safe Organisation and this is our Statement of Commitment

Wayss is a child safe organisation where we aim to keep children safe and for children to feel safe and empowered.

We have zero tolerance for any abuse and mistreatment of children and any failure to report suspected abuse. We will take all allegations and concerns about the abuse and mistreatment of children very seriously and we will contact authorities when we are concerned about a child’s safety and wellbeing.

Our organisation is also committed to:

  • The cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • The cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Providing a safe environment for children with a disability
  • The safety of children with diverse sexualities, intersex status and gender identity.


Every person who is part of our organisation – every Board member, every staff member, every student and every volunteer – will treat the rights, interests and safety of all children as paramount.

As a child safe organisation, Wayss will:

  • Listen and respond to all complaints and allegations of abuse to children
  • Be proactive in assessing and managing the risk of abuse to children
  • Be committed to ensuring children actively participate in decisions affecting their lives
  • Maintain environments where the views, values and concerns of children are respected and heard
  • Work in accordance with Victoria’s Child Safe Standards and principles
  • Provide ongoing training and education to our Board members, staff, students and volunteers on child safe practices and behaviours, child abuse and safety risks
  • Have clear policies and procedures in place to enable us to meet our commitment to being a child safe organisation
  • Have robust human resource management and recruitment practices to reduce the risk of child abuse by Board members, staff, students and volunteers.

For more information about Wayss’ child safe commitment, email info@wayss.org.au or call us on (03) 9791 6111.

Cath Evans


Wayne Merritt