Family Violence Support Services

Family violence is any threatening, coercive, dominating or abusive behaviour that occurs between people in a family, domestic or intimate relationship, that causes the person experiencing the behaviour to feel fear.

Family violence is not an argument once in a while. It is a continuous pattern of abusive behaviour perpetrated by one person towards another, often using multiple tactics.

Family violence is not just physical or sexual abuse. It can include many types of abuse and controlling behaviour, all of which are unhealthy and harmful. 

If you are experiencing family violence, please contact The Orange Door 

Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm 1800 271 170


Safe Steps 24 hours every day

1800 015 188

The Orange Door in Southern Melbourne is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have previously experienced family violence, and also for families who need extra support with the care, wellbeing and development of children.

The Orange Door can connect you to services such as counselling, accommodation, family violence support, mental health and drug and alcohol services, parenting support groups, services for children, financial help, or legal assistance. 

If you are referred to Wayss from The Orange Door (or from Safe Steps), our Specialist Family Violence practitioners will:

  • Listen to your individual experience
  • Work with you to understand your risk and safety 
  • Offer information and options for support.

Wayss Family Violence Specialists can support you and your children with:

  • Risk management
  • Safety planning
  • Information and support
  • Pathways to recovery
  • Access to crisis accommodation
  • Advocacy
  • Referral to services, including counselling, housing, material aid, health, legal and court support.

After hours face to face
crisis support

Face-to-face support for women and their children experiencing family violence who are in crisis.

Police & Court Support

Wayss works closely with the Victoria Police and Dandenong Family Court of Australia to support victim survivors of family violence, including L17 Response and Family Advocacy & Support Services (FASS)

Family Violence Refuge

A safe and secure place where women and their children escaping family violence are provided support and accommodation for up to six weeks​

Family Advocacy and Support Services (FASS)

Provides access to legal information and advocacy for women and their children experiencing family violence.

Youth Services

Support services for young people aged 16 to 25 years, including transitional housing support and access to crisis accommodation options.

Specialist Family Violence Program

Support & case management for women & their children experiencing family violence, including safety planning and assistance to address risks.

Contact Wayss

Family violence specialists provide support and case management to women and their children and youths experiencing family violence.

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Wayss in the 1990s

Then in September 1997 the organisation became WAYSS Limited with a Board of Directors and day to day management by the Chief Executive Officer.

Wayss underwent further transformation with the restructure of community housing and the funding of the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program. The Regional Housing Council ceased operation and transferred direct service operations to Wayss in 1997.

During this decade Wayss became responsible for the then South East Women’s Domestic Violence Outreach Service. Funding was also received to establish a Children’s Services Worker within the outreach service. SAAP funded Women’s Outreach Program was also transferred to Wayss in 1999.