Strategic Priorities 2019–2022

Our purpose

We are here for all people facing homelessness and family violence and we will support them to have a safe, secure and affordable home that helps them to live a better life.

Grow our

  • We are identifying opportunities to increase housing options for Wayss clients
  • We are investigating options for property management
  • We are partnering with social investors to increase and diversify Wayss housing stock

Enhancing our

  • We are continuing to develop and deliver inclusive and responsive services
  • We are improving the positive impact of Wayss services on our clients and our community
  • We are responding to new and emerging service opportunities in our local community
  • We are developing data systems to plan for future growth and measure impact and outcomes
  • We are providing opportunities for clients to provide feedback so our services are always relevant

Building our

  • We are developing Wayss' profile in the community through partnerships and alliances
  • We are amplifying our voice in the sector and the community
  • We are influencing sector decision-makers
  • We are increasing government, business and community support for Wayss services

Develop our

  • We are building an inclusive workforce that is innovative, adaptable and committed to professional excellence
  • We are working towards being an employer of choice
  • We are developing and nurturing exceptional leadership skills in our workforce

Our roles


We respond to your needs using our expertise and networks


We offer one-to-one personalised assistance


We can provide information and support to access crisis, transitional and long-term housing


We will speak up for people who have common issues or needs and take action on their behalf

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Our History

Wayss beginnings can be traced back to the 1970s, when various charity groups sought to address a growing need for emergency accommodation services in the Westernport region of Victoria.


Wayss values diversity and will be responsive to the needs of all people

Child Safety

Wayss is a child safe organisation where all children will be safe and feel safe and empowered.

Wayss in the 1990s

Then in September 1997 the organisation became WAYSS Limited with a Board of Directors and day to day management by the Chief Executive Officer.

Wayss underwent further transformation with the restructure of community housing and the funding of the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program. The Regional Housing Council ceased operation and transferred direct service operations to Wayss in 1997.

During this decade Wayss became responsible for the then South East Women’s Domestic Violence Outreach Service. Funding was also received to establish a Children’s Services Worker within the outreach service. SAAP funded Women’s Outreach Program was also transferred to Wayss in 1999.